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5 Crystal Formations

5 Crystal Formations

First, of we have one of the most recognizable quartz formation, Isis Quartz formation. This crystal formation in most common in clear quartz but it can occur in other crystals too. The primary identification of this crystal is that it has five sides, each representing the main elements: Air, Fire, Earth, Water & Storm. These crystals have a high vibration healing energy that is perfect for connecting to your divine mind. It is perfect for healers at their practices and shielding you form the energy of others.

     Then we have our second crystal formation, the Generator Crystal. This particular crystal formation has six sides, which makes its very recognizable and powerful. The come in a variety of quartz, since they are man made and cut into thats shape. However, don’t let the word “man-made” discourage you, this crystal formation is believe to be the most powerful in channeling energy. It helps you channel the earth's energy to heal you emotionally and physically.

     Thirdly, Geodes are becoming more popular and common each time. With its unique shape of “crystal caves”, this formation resonates a strong healing vibration. Since the Geode itself is made of tiny crystals, each one combines their energy to provide a unique flow of energy.

     Next we have Grounding Crystals, these are not as common as the past three. This particular formation is a large eight sided crystal with a powerful healing and connection energy. Grounding crystals are used to assist you in the connection to the reality of who you really are. This is great for meditation and connecting yourself to the spirit.

     Lastly, Lemurian Seed Crystals are one of the most unique and interesting crystal formation. These crystals are believed to be left programed by the Lemurian Civilization on barcodes in their sides. They can be in clear quartz or in golden healer color. They are excellent healing stones, commonly used for light workers, for particularly emotional issues. These are also best used when meditation, you may even access ancient information about the Lemurian people.

     Now that we have summarize all the attributes of each crystal formation, you decide which one are you pulled towards to? Which one speaks out to you the most for your specific crystal need? Remember that every crystal is unique in its own way!

Choose the one you feel most likely to connect with and wear it with confidence!

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    Estefania Guzman

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